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Welcome To Summer Camp

at The Dorris-Eaton School in San Ramon!

Our summer camp program at the San Ramon location closely parallels Adventure Day Camp  other traditional program in Moraga, CA.  We offer a traditional summer camp experience that includes exposure to a wide variety of mostly outdoor, recreational activities including sports, horseback riding, boating, swimming, archery, art, music, climbing, hiking, and much more.


Most activities are offered in a small group setting with campers of similar ages. As the session progresses, campers have the opportunity to choose their activities while still maintaining that important connection to their group and their Camp Counselor.


The Dorris-Eaton school provides us with fantastic facilities including field space, playgrounds, several multi-purpose rooms, and

ball courts.


During the months of July and August, Adventure Day Camp at Dorris-Eaton offers an afternoon only option for those campers that are participating in the Dorris -Eaton Enrichment Program.  Campers are escorted to their classes from our morning Extended Care (INCLUDED IN YOUR TUITION), then  met after class to be reunited with their camp groups. Main activities included Horsemanship, Boating, Swimming, Archery, Skateboarding, and Biking are offered during our afternoon program.  Campers will have a blast enjoying an afternoon of exciting camp activities and bonding time with their friends and Camp Counselor.


Please click on each photo box to read more details about our activities

Our main goal for all of the sports and games activities is to have fun. We promote participation from everyone and instill the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship throughout. We teach basic skills in all activities and work towards  understanding of how each activity is played.


  • Soccer and other field sports

  • Basketball and other Blacktop games

  • Tennis

  • Tag Games

  • Relay Races

  • Diamond sports

Horseback Riding & Exploring Nature

Horseback riding is certainly a camper favorite here at ADC!  Campers entering

Prek - 9th grade can choose Horseback Riding during the session.   Campers will visit the Walnut Creek Equestrian Center to experience all of the amazing elements of working and riding a horse.


We love our campers to experience the wonder and beauty of the outdoors. Throughout each sessions there are countless opportunities to join our Nature Club, Gardening Club, or to create wonderful Nature themed art projects. 


  • Horseback riding lessons with our Arabian and Minature horse - 

  • ​Gardening

  • Nature Hike

  • Nature Crafts

Extreme & New

Most campers are experiencing these activities for the first time and all campers can move at their own comfortable pace when exploring them. All of these activities are scheduled as Group Activities during weeks 1 & 2, and are offered as Choice optins during week 3.


  • Archery - All ages

  • Skateboarding  / Scootering - All ages

  • Mt. Biking / Beginner Riding - All ages

  • Big Wheels & other PEDAL fun - PreK-2nd

  • 30 Ft. Rockwall - All Ages

  • Slackline - All ages


Our campers love to swim and we welcome all levels from Non Swimmers to Advanced levels. Campers enjoy the option to FREE SWIM once a week at the San Ramon Olympic Pool & Aquatic Center. All swimming is fully supervised by Red Cross Certified Lifeguards and our Camp Counselors, positioned in and around the pools  are used for additional supervision.

Art, Music, Drama, & Special Event Days

The Adventure Day Camp program offers amazing activities, performances, and projects that bring out the artistic side of our campers. Join us for our Lip Sync performance, Staff Follies, Talent Show, and Camp Play. Bring your cameras!


  • Arts and Crafts - All ages

  • Drama and Performaning Arts - All ages

  • Music- All ages

  • Weekly Dress-Up Days - All Ages


Throughout the session, campers will have the opportunity to visit the San Pablo Reservoir in Orinda to participate in our Boating program. Additionally increased instruction in Sailing and Kayaking is available to campers entering 3rd – 9th grade during our Activity Choice times.


  • Sailing - 3rd - 9th graders

  • Kayaking - 3rd - 9th graders

  • Canoeing - All ages

  • Pontoon Boat Ride - All ages

Building & Science

Our campers love to build, be creative, and learn "how" and "why" something works.  We offer a large variety of projects and activities to satisfy this passion.


  • Science Club each Wednesday morning - All ages

  • ​Woodworking - All ages

  • Fort Building - All Ages

  • Keva Block Building - All Ages

  • Model Boat Races - All Ages

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