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2024 Terms and Conditions

Prior to agreeing to the terms below, I have read and understand items 1-14 below. Any questions I may have had about the policies and operations of Adventure Day Camp have been answered to my satisfaction. If my child is accepted for enrollment, I agree that:

  1. Tuition: Includes instruction in all activities and is nonrefundable after March 31, 2024. I will pay the tuition and fees as set forth on this form.

  2. Absence: The instructional nature of our program necessitates constant expenses and the employment of specialized and full-time personnel. Therefore, there will be no make-up days, credits or refunds given for absence or illness, including Covid.

  3. Deposits: You may choose to place a deposit to reserve your child's space. A deposit of $500 per child, per session will reserve camp space for your family. Your remaining balance will then be charged per the terms when enrolling.

  4. Cancellations: Deposits and tuitions will be refunded, minus an administrative fee of 4% of your total tuition associated with the cancelled session. Cancellations must be in writing and requested before March 31, 2024.

  5. If Adventure Day Camp does not operate your program due to forces beyond its control (force majeure), a nonrecoverable amount of money already spent may be deducted. This amount includes funds already spent up until the time the camp declares your camp program will not operate.

  6. Adventure Day Camp cannot be responsible for any injury that is not the fault of Adventure Day Camp, beyond assurance that the injury will receive appropriate professional care.

  7. If my child required medical attention, Adventure Day Camp has my authorization to obtain it from any licensed physician or hospital as Adventure Day Camp deems necessary and Adventure Day Camp may act in my place in this regard. Adventure Day Camp will attempt to use the physician I have designated on this form as Adventure Day Camp deems feasible.

  8. I understand that the program of Adventure Day Camp is primarily an outdoor, recreational based program.

  9. Adventure Day Camp may use my child’s photograph or video in promotional materials.

  10. If a camper is expelled for disciplinary reasons, tuition will be forfeited.

  11. For the Moraga location, each session offers an optional overnight camp out trip. Campout dates will be available in early January. The campout is the only program available on these days. If your child does not attend the campout you must pick he/she up by 1:00 pm on departure day and may drop them off after 11:15 am the next day (Friday). There will be no transportation available on Departure Day PM and Arrival Day AM.

  12. Sibling and Multiple Sessions discounts do not apply for CIT"S.

  13. Pizza and Campout orders will be nonrefundable 3 days prior to the scheduled date of food delivery or event.

  14. All campers must be "potty trained" prior to starting camp and may not wear diapers or pull ups.

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