We Can't Wait For 2021!

Running summer camp in 2020 was challenging to say the least. When we successfully completed the summer, providing safe, essential,  and wonderful summer camp memories for over 500 campers, the overwhelming feeling here at Adventure Day Camp was "WE DID IT!"  Please visit THE 2020 SUMMER WAS SPECIAL,to see a little bit of the magic that took place.  

Although the 2020 summer will never be forgotten, it is now time to focus our attention to 2021.

What will the 2021 summer look like? Amazingly, almost 1 year after we first learned of Covid-19, we still cannot answer that question completely. With a goal of complete transparency, the following is what we know and don’t know. 


What we know at this time

  • We fully expect and are preparing to offer all of our summer camp sessions this summer.

  • We have experience running summer camps in the Covid world and know we can run a safe and successful camp in 2021, even if our conditions are similar to 2020. 

  • We will offer a full summer of programs at The Dorris-Eaton School in San Ramon. Located at 1 Anabel Ln

  • The dates and rates for our San Ramon programs are official.

  • Please review our Terms and Conditions before enrolling for camp. 


What we don’t know but are working on

  • Although it is still our preferred location, The Seven Hills School (where we have operated our camp for most of our past 22 summers) has not confirmed they will open their campus to renters this summer because of the pandemic. At this time, we do have several other really good options, including last year's site at the church. We plan to solidify our site by the middle of February, hopefully sooner. We can guarantee that any site we choose will be within 10 miles of Walnut Creek. 

  • We will offer Express Transportation from our usual meeting spots, but may not be able to offer Home Transportation due to the Covid-19 restrictions.  We will open registration for all available Transportation services in March.

  • Although we will always strive to offer all of our published activities, some may not be available due to Covid-19 restrictions. We are proud to say that the only activity we did not offer last summer was the Overnight Campout. 

  • The dates for our Walnut Creek camps follow the same summer schedule we have kept for 21 years and we don’t anticipate these dates will change. Our dates will become official once we secure a site

We gained invaluable and important experience by safely running our camps in 2020. This experience will guide us as we prepare for potentially a similar scenario facing us this year. Our decisions, safety measures, and guidelines will strictly follow the recommendations offered by Contra Costa Health Services Department and The American Camping Association. We are extremely confident that we can once again offer an amazing summer camp experience while keeping your child safe.

Can't wait to meet your family!

The Welch Family

Updated 01/20/2021

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