Like so many summer camps across the country, deciding on whether or not we should open this summer was an extremely difficult choice.  There was so much uncertainty and unknows during the months of April and May that we at times truly did not think it would be possible.  However, when the complete guidelines were released to offer summer camps a clear path to operate safely, we knew then that Adventure Day Camp could and should open.  So, we got to work!

​Was camp different? Of course! Our staff always wore their mask, in Walnut Creek we unexpectedly moved our program to a church nearby right before camp started, everyone had their temperature checks each and every morning, and all campers and staff had to social distance 10 ft from other groups. Yes, many aspects of summer camp were different. However, it was the elements that were exactly the same that made this summer so special.  Our campers were literally running from their cars to wash their hands and join their group.  Smiles from ear to ear.  The sounds of laughter, singing, dancing, and yes even a few tears from a scraped knee were so incredibly welcome. Our counselors became heroes to our campers and maybe ever to our camp families as well.  We saw the spark return for our campers, and to us, that was magical. 


To our 2020 camp families: Your support, kind words, feedback, and TRUST was invaluable to us as we navigated our way through the summer.  We felt incredibly grateful that we were able to spend this summer with your child. We know the experience was impactful for them,  but please understand that your child influenced us in a positive way as well. This summer will always be special and one we will never forget. 

To All ADC Families that missed us this summer:  We understand that the decision on sending your child to camp this summer was an extremely difficult one. We greatly respect that. We missed you and your child this summer, but know we will soon be in full planning mode for 2021 and will stay optimistic that the 2021 summer will look more normal. 

We learned so much this summer about ourselves, our campers, and most importantly about how important summer camp is to our children. Man they needed this now more than ever!  Camp isn't about facility or equipment. It's about fostering that connection between camper and staff that promote a sense of belonging to something unique and special. It's trusting that it is ok to be yourself and to allow others to accept that amazing person even though you may be completely different from them.  Where "different" becomes COOL, laughter is contagious, and it feels like "everybody knows your name". 

Stay safe, take a breath, and know we can do this. 

One Love A.D.C.!

The Welch Family

ADC Staff

It Was Truly An Amazing Summer 

© 2014 by by Adventure Day Camp 

Summer Memories Last Forever