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What Parents are saying about Adventure Day Camp


"Thanks for the update, I talked to you for a minute when I stopped by the campground last night to check on my son Joshua, it was his first time camping without a parent and he was a little nervous. I wanted to share with you how extremely impressed I was with your staff and the organisation of the campers. As soon as I got out of my car I was greeted by one of your staff who just happened to be nearby, he was Joshua’s bus driver and he recognized me immediately, he was very nice and friendly and he directed me to where he thought Joshua’s group was. I had the same greeting from every staff member that saw me, they all made a point to find out “who I was”, “why I was there” and “how could they help me.” It was extremely comforting to know that your staff was not about to let anyone near the campers without first making sure they belonged there and they all did it in a very polite and friendly manner. Great Staff and great leadership!"


"Thank you so much.  The girls love camp and I have been so happy with everything that you guys are doing.  The counselors, the bus, the lip sync performance - everything. Anyhow, you and your team do a wonderful job of keeping the girls happy.  Thank you.


Kaylah is loving being back at Adventure Day Camp. So far I have heard: "Scootering and skateboarding was awesome! ALL the kids in my group like me. And they all call me KK - I love having a nickname. t feels like old times.(That was one of my all time favorites). It felt like I was at camp for an hour - not all day. Could you go away and pick me up later? I was in the middle of crafts.”

I know it’s a hard and challenging summer. Thank you so much to you and your staff for being willing to take the risk and for giving our kids an amazing summer. I think our kids need camp more than ever this summer and I am so grateful to have her in such good hands









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